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New Mexico Day Tours


Looney Jeep Adventures are happy to announce Day trips around the Alamogordo, NM area.  These trips will be led by Glenn and Lois Daniells with their Jeep Gladiator named Toots and their Jeep Recon JK named Rufus. Glenn and Lois have lots of trail experience and will be great tour guides for the New Mexico area.

 These day trips will run $85 per day, per vehicle. There are no set dates for these trips, so if you are interested, shoot us a message and we will set it up. The area around Alamogordo can include desert and hill climbs and some good areas for dispersed camping if you are interested.


Possible trails to choose from are:

  • Oryx Canyon

  • 506 Bomb Range

  • Jump Off

  • West Side Road

  • The Switchback Trail

  • Carr Canyon

  • Russia Canyon

  • Three Mile Canyon

And there are many more depending on the season!

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Image by Doug Gates
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