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Overlanding With Your Dog

Looney Jeep Adventures Overlanding With Dogs

Overlanding with your dog(s) can be a great experience and we encourage you to bring yours!

If you search on Google about” Overlanding with my Dogs,” there is a bunch of questions and very few good answers!  There is even a few written articles but no real answers.  They just seem to lead to more questions.

Darlene and Tim are here to help properly answer some of those questions you might have about bringing your furry family member with.  They have many years of experience with training and showing dogs, plus they have traveled in a motor home with up to three Miniature Schnauzers since 2008. With years of both professional and personal experience under their belts, they encourage you to ask questions you may have.

What to Know

Overlanding with your dogs is not as simple as tossing them in the back and heading out. Getting your dogs checked out by a veterinarian and asking questions on if they are healthy enough to go with you on an overlanding trip is the first and biggest step. While Darlene and Tim can help you answer some questions about health an expert veterinarian opinion is highly recommended.


Having a well trained dog is important if you want to bring them with on your overland adventures.


Obedience is the most important thing to teach a dog. Commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it(this one is very important for overlanding!) and training your dog for a really solid recall.


Coming up with fun games and training exercises for dogs is really important too. A bored dog is one that gets into the most trouble. Take Border Collies for example; if they get bored and are left to themselves they tend to follow their noses into trouble such as fleas, ticks & bees! Darlene and Tim’s dog Misty is allergic to bee stings, ask them how they found out when you meet them. It’s a long but educational story on how dogs can get into trouble.


We Offer Training On Tours

Jason and Devin 003.jpg

Darlene and Tim are experts at training people to properly train their dogs, which is what dog trainers do.


Book a Training Tour for your dog! There is no better way to properly train a dog for overlanding than by having them trained during a tour. Call us today to learn more about our upcoming tours and how we can get you set up for on the road dog training.

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