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Upcoming Tour on Rimrocker Trail

Date & Time: Friday, July 1, 2022 – July 4, 2022

Meeting at 2:00pm and concluding sometime Monday afternoon

Meeting Place: Montrose, Colorado Visitor Center

107 South Cascade Avenue

Montrose, Colorado, 81401

Price: 699.00 Per Vehicle, not per person. (Please ask about 50% discount for first tour)

What to Expect

Rimrocker is a trail that runs 160 miles from Montrose, CO to Moab, UT It is a combination of wide, dense forest roads mixed with some rocky off-road trails. It is recommended that you use a high clearance 4x4 vehicle with all terrain tires. The trail starts with a steady gain in elevation to over 9000 ft and then traverses through high alpine scenery and open grazing lands. It follows along the San Antonio River and conjoins with the Dolores River. There are several areas of mining along the trail, which is where it gets its name as a Rimrocker was a name used for a person who worked in the mines. We also read that a Rimrocker was an outlaw who would hide out in the valley after robbing banks in Telluride . Wherever the name comes from , it fits the shelf roads and mesas you get to drive along on these trails. The trail runs both ways, so one must always be aware of oncoming ATV’s and other Off-road vehicles. We will make a stop in the town of Nucla to take on some fuel and maybe grab a bite if anyone desires. It is a small place, but a nice stop on the route. The views at the top as you cross the mesa are outstanding. Soon enough you will reach the Colorado-Utah Border. This is where Buckeye Reservoir is and a great place to stop for lunch. As you continue across the pass, you will traverse parts of the Peale Mountains. The aspens here are beautiful and the camping opportunities are plentiful, but one must watch for the free-range cattle. As you head around South Mountain, you will start a slow descent down towards the mesa’s surrounding Moab. This is a trail that may include some mud and some water crossings. There is limited cell service on this trail. The higher elevations may mean cooler temperatures, so come prepared. Fire restrictions will be checked before we head out on the trail. This may mean that we can carry only propane type firepits and won’t be allowed to have an open fire. We will let you know that ahead of time.

Why is this trail special? Because summer heat in Moab and Dolores can reach well over 100 degrees. This trail with its higher elevation can give some great relief from those high temperatures. It is also a less traveled trail, meaning you aren’t dealing with the crowds in the touristy areas like Moab. There is nothing like camping under the aspens on a warm summer evening, looking up at the stars. There are multiple side trails that can be done on this trip. Long Park Mine tour, Paradox Valley Petroglyph Tour, and The Wild horses of Disappointment Valley, just to name a few.

This is an absolutely beautiful trail whether you are a seasoned overlander or a newbie. The mix of flora and fauna with the mountains and rock outcroppings intermingled with groves of aspen trees is a place to make some incredible memories. This is not a trail to rush on, so bring the kids, the dog, the camera and come enjoy it with us. It has something for everybody!

We are also trying to incorporate a very dog friendly atmosphere that will include some dog training out in the field. Tim and I showed and trained dogs for many years and since we have been overlanding, we have seen that having a well-behaved dog is very important when you are out in the back country. This can be unfamiliar to your dog and with a little training, you can ensure the safety of your beloved pet. We are thinking of incorporating free dog training into our tours as a bonus. Let us know what you think, or what concerns you may have.

Each vehicle will receive a trail sticker and a map. Plus, there will be a raffle prize given out on our last camping night.

The first to respond tohis to this offer will receive a 50% discount. Text, email, instant message!!


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